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7 mai 2012 1 07 /05 /mai /2012 14:21


We are involved in the dogging scene and had many encounters, the most spontaneous, according to some guys from S / H. Posted advance have an account of the last week of pre -arranged with two guys, but I do not know what happened. Now this is goodbye, I'll tell you what happened yesterday to Sue work. Like most plants, which madmamas had their Christmas urine just before Christmas and Sue came home a little cold, to say the least. He served 50 years and found the attention of two of the boys a huge shift in the warehouse, while not encouraging. Not in a drunk never made an ass of himself and does not need a drink to have fun. The two boys constantly emphasizes her breasts and do what they would if the occasion. Sue is a shift supervisor in a large factory and after the 06th clock 00 has total control. They need the components of an order that went to the warehouse that is always a final response on the phone. Just gave Rob and Jeff had gone with his break, madmamas said Sue, who have Componnights in the manufacture and sent Rob asked if he had a nice Christmas. Sue said it was quiet but nice, then Rob said he hoped that they will not for him in the wee Christmas - no offense. Sue is now a strong woman and immediately said, ' kidding, I thought it would be seriously and wanted to play me. madmamas ' Rob stood with his mouth open, not knowing what to say and finally blurted, ' Well I would if I could. ' At this time, madmamas Sue was humming,' do you have a medical problem, do not know, 'he said. Rob said he was not and asked why she had requested. 'Well, you just said you would if you could, what 's stopping you? ' At this point Sue said Jibbering Rob was an idiot, usually men, all mouth and little else. 'Well, come on then, let's see what happens to me, and I will decide whether to do the damage he said he would be. ' You do not know how to keep your face just did not even hint at a smile, ' We, in the office 'and so was Sue sat on theSwivel chair, turned to Rob and asked him what time it is expected that Jeff back. Rob said that about twenty minutes to Sue, 'said to be better than you do not have to fast. ' Rob madmamas opened the belt, then pulled his zipper, Sue said she could see how his hands shook so that she leaned forward and pulled him closer. He pants and you could see the bulge in his underwear and a small wet spot. ' I think we should be better, that from there,' and began to do just that. Sue loves big cocks and she did not disappoint, madmamas I said it was only madmamas about six inches, but had a large scale with a large head. You do not need an invitation to something and she started sucking avidley. Got a minute or two after the impression that he was cumming, she stopped sucking and said. 'Well, now you can show me how much damage it can do' stood up, raised her skirt, removed her panties and bent over the desk, 'Well, come on then you have about five minutes. ' So Rob came to her now very wet dripperMr. wet pussy and began pumping. She was very wet, his thick tail is simply dropped, Sue a big girl, but her pussy is nice and tight. enjoy the pump and decided to play, really the dog, 'Come on, thinking you were going to do some damage ' Rob remained strong, ' to be harder, harder, Go,' he said. What Rob did not know Sue, you can take with a backhoe and take it easy, loves to be rammed. Meanwhile, he was pulling so hard that the vibrations made ​​by the table to shake the window, she decided it was his trick. She closed her pussy, she has so much power in the muscles, it's amazing, makes me keep coming. Has to be with Rob, let out a gasp and Sue was able to pump hot hot milk instead feel that the total pressure until I madmamas got the part, hates to lose them all. If Rob got pulled the skirt, she turned to him and said, 'Not bad, could be another opportunity with which to get the power of O. has madmamas done h by the way, if something goes on to suggest that listen to this, Julie, that Rob 's wife, knowing the first to be. 'Julie worked in production shift at the same time. This Sue walked out the door, he turned to Rob and sid ' Rob put his dick out Jeff takes over the warehouse ' turned around and went to Jeff greet along madmamas the way. I have a good sloppy wet pussy last night, and just before it ended I said. the repetition is on the table, I'm sure.
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7 mai 2012 1 07 /05 /mai /2012 14:20

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